Firefly Online To Feature Original Cast

Over a year has passed since Spark Plug Games revealed an upcoming mobile MMO based on the popular science-fiction franchise, Firefly, but fans at this years San Diego Comic-Con have finally been treated to something a little unexpected.

It was announced that all of the original cast of the Firefly TV series will reprise their character roles for the upcoming mobile (Android, iOS) and PC MMO, Firefly Online. Although the announcement was welcomed by those in attendance, many of the Firefly community are expressing concerns regarding the development team. Spark Plug Games have never really impressed in the AAA space and the majority of their titles are point-and-click or hidden object games on mobile platforms – not exactly the expertise you would associate with a large-scale MMO based on a franchise with such a cult following.

Accompanying the announcement is a brand new Firefly Online trailer highlighting some of the games more interesting elements including combat, ship customization and space exploration. Check it out below:

What are your thoughts? A cash in on a popular franchise or a potentially successful change to bigger things for Spark Plug Games?

Source: iO9

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