Palace Of The Dead Introduces Awesome New Special Weapons To Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Square Enix today announced the release of an exciting new update for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn as Patch 3.35 challenges players to endure the Palace of the Dead with exciting new content, challenges for end-game players and brand new special items.

The update takes place in Gelmorra, a subterranean city deep within the forgotten lands of Issom-Har. In these lands brave explorers once uncovered the entrance to an unsolved maze of puzzles and enemies. Eorzea’s strongest warriors are invited to explore these maddening halls for a chance at some of the exciting new items introduced with the Palace of the Dead update.

Palace Of The Dead Features:

  • Newcomers and veterans alike will start from level 1, and fight their way to the depths using a special leveling system. You can play solo, or in a party of up to four players.
  • Use special items to transform into monsters and change the way you battle!
  • Discovery of coffers will upgrade the gear used exclusively inside the Palace of the Dead!
  • If you fully upgrade the special weapons, you’ll be allowed to take them outside the dungeon and they’re yours to keep!


Source: Press Release

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