Pangya Global Cup Tournament Challenge announced following Season Six: Tomahawk Update

Irvine, Calif.?-?June 21, 2012??-?SG Interactive, a leading North American free-to-play game publisher today announced the sixth?Pangya Global Cup Tournament Challenge?will take place starting on Friday, June 22. Continuing the popular golf tournament series, gamers will face off in the intimidating Silvia Cannon course, famous for its seemingly insurmountable helicopter and cannon beam obstacles, all while celebrating the birthday of Cecilia, one of?Pangya‘s most beloved characters.

Commemorating the?Pangya Tomahawk?Season Six launch, the qualifier rounds will begin at 5:00 p.m. EDT/ 2:00 p.m. PDT on June 22. The first 594 players wearing the Cecilia Birthday title will have a chance to work their way up the competitive ladder to the final round, and a chance to win rare in-game items,?Pangya‘s in-game currency, “Pang,” and a rare Cecilia outfit normally only available through the game’s random box system.

“We really wanted to give players a challenge for this Global Cup tournament, given that we just launched Tomahawk, and we thought what could be better than one of?Pangya‘s most challenging courses?” said Joan Kim, Pangya?producer for SG Interactive. “Players can warm-up for the competition by taking a few shots at the Grand Zodiac hole-in-one course or plan in our newly revamped Practice Mode before starting their drive for the championship.”

The?Pangya?Global Cup Tournament Challenge comes hot off the heels of?Pangya‘s most recent Season Six update: Tomahawk. In?Pangya Tomahawk, players are challenged with a new, limited-time hole-in-one floating island map entitled?Grand Zodiac.?Having no fairway, this floating island with small surrounding green will test the skills and abilities of even the most intrepid masters of the swinging irons. With new items to discover, UI improvements and the newly-launched Practice Mode,?Pangya Tomahawk?brings a new perspective to the anime-inspired fan-favorite golf game.

For more information about the?Pangya Tomahawk?Global Cup Tournament Challenge, prizes, rules and regulations, please visit the Pangya Global Cup Tournament Challenge page. To get up-to-date information on?Pangya Tomahawk’sCommunity and Fan Pages, check out the following links:


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