PangYa: United

PangYa: United is a new version of the PangYa sports MMO game series developed by Ntreev Soft out of Korea. PangYa is a free mmo game that combines cute anime characters with a fun, easy to play golfing adventure. Gameplay is pretty straightforward for an online golfing game, but PangYa manages to reward players for better shots and provides a low learning curve so players can hop in and play instantly.

Power and accuracy of your golf shot are determined by how well you can manipulate the power meter with three clicks. The first click activates the meter’s bar, the second click sets the power level, and the third click determines the accuracy of your shot. Players have the option of clicking on the meter or by just using the spacebar. We found that the spacebar was easiest to assess the different levels of shot performance, as it was easier to hover over and had a quicker response time than a mouse. Although, we were using a bluetooth wireless mouse at the time, so there might be some latency issues there, a nice corded mouse (Razer?) will probably perform much better.

This game is a huge hit in Korea and Japan, and they have just started expanding their servers here to North America, so jump in and enjoy a fun online golf game!

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