Path Of Exile Celebrating Massively Successful Launch

Grinding Gear Games today announced the massive success following the launch of the critically acclaimed dungeon MMORPG game, Path of Exile, exceeding all expectations following the games open beta.

Path of Exile is home to over 4 million registered players and 250,000 active daily users with over 1.5 million players logging in to enjoy the game at the end of open beta period. Couple this with praise from the likes of IGN and GameSpot and Path of Exile is well on its way to being one of the most successful MMO launches of the year.

To celebrate these impressive feats Grinding Gear Games have released all-new supporter packs available to both old and new members of the community. The new supporter packs include a variety of perks such as cosmetic items and unique spell effects, forum titles, in-game social portraits and a cool collection of Path of Exile themed t-shirts and hoodies. The new supporter packs have been released in the following tiers:

  • Survivor Pack: $50 
  • Warrior Pack: $120
  • Champion Pack: $280 
  • Conqueror Pack: $900

For more information on the new supporter packs click here.

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