Trials of Ascension Kickstarter Starts October 21st

Forged Chaos updated the Trials of Ascension website today with exciting news regarding the starting of the games eagerly awaited Kickstarter campaign. The official campaign will begin on October 21st, giving sandbox MMO fans the opportunity to help shape one of the most promising titles in the genre.

Trials of Ascension will include many of the fabled features topping the lists of most sandbox fans. Players can experience a classless character progression system without the typically restraining shackles of today’s holy trinity MMO games and the dreaded perma-death mechanic will also be making an appearance.

Other notable features include a skill and crafting system that can reward players with an ability exclusive to their character and a highly advanced construction and management system that puts city development entirely in the hands of the community. For more information on the features in Trials of Ascension click here.

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