Perpetuum Online First Anniversary

To celebrate sci-fi MMORTS Perpetuum?s first birthday, developer Avatar Creations is hosting several events for players. An ongoing birthday treasure hunt, PvP tournament and new Intrusion 2.0 patch will all help to get players excited about the milestone.

Perpetuum is a persistent-world MMO in which players do battle, fight for control over the economy, and engage in a number of other random tasks as they explore a futuristic sandbox. Think EVE Online, only with more robots and fewer pirates.

The tournament starts December 3, open only to corporation players with a 10 million NIC entry fee and 16-team bracket. However, players can watch the tournaments in-game as audience members or view a live stream of the tournament. The treasure hunt is open to everyone, providing a fun way to gain lots of loot.

Of course, the biggest news regarding this event is the introduction of Intrusion 2.0, a brand new expansion that brings a new Intrusion system to the game. Intrusion won?t actually launch on the same day as the anniversary events ? look for it on January 5 ? but promises to dramatically change the battle mechanics of this sci-fi/fantasy MMO.

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