Play On Patch Day – MMOpinion

MMOs are complex by their very nature.  Hundreds if not thousands of quests, textures, UI elements, statistics, zones, instances, skills, animations, items, the list goes on.  Not to mention that all these need to work in unison with each other without any noticeable issues.  Ironically patches are typically meant to fix all game issues, but doing that can cause some unforeseen circumstances.  

Now, most patches are able to fix all player issues, but occasionally something slips by and the patch may cause more harm than good, at least at first.  So oftentimes it’s tough to play your favorite MMO on the day of the patch.  It’s not uncommon to encounter more bugs, crashes, exploits and rollbacks because of these on the day of the patch, but us hardcore gamers may not be able to wait for everything to smooth out.

So do you play on patch day?  Do you ever encounter any issues?  What was the worst patch day you’ve seen?

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