Pokemon Black & White Version 2 Release

Aside from Tetris, no handheld game has sold more copies in history than Pokemon. Nintendo released their newest installments in the series, Pokemon: Black Version 2 & Pokemon: White Version 2, this past Sunday for the Nintendo DS. This is a unique approach as there have never been two sequels for any generation of Pokemon games.

Black & White 2 each bring a multitude of differences from the original Black & White. The Unova region is now covered in snow, which obviously has something to do with the storyline involving Kyurem the ice dragon. Players will undertake missions that take place two years after the previous games storyline. Making sure to complete their pokedex for Professor Juniper, gamers will frequently run into their childhood rival, an NPC who didn?t exist in the previous installment. Your previous friends Bianca and Cheren are now integral parts of your introductory path, with one providing your pokemon for you and another being the first gym leader.

Not only are there changes in the storyline, but players will now have the chance to see some of their favorite pokemon from previous games. There will be a mix of 1st through 5th generation pokemon that players will come across throughout their travels, unlike the original Black & White where you are restricted to finding only newer ones. This is a perfect way to bring any pokemon fan back to the handheld brilliance they once loved. Whether you love all pokemon equally or are a stickler for the originality of friends you find in Pokemon Red and Blue; the new expansions will provide pretty much anyone with what they are looking for in this type of RPG style game.

You may want to go grab a copy soon too. Players who purchase either of the new games will be able to download the new pokemon Genesect between now and November 12th via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. This mythical pokemon even has a role in the new game?s storyline. Genesect is a 300-million-year-old Bug and Steel type pokemon that scientists had to restore from a fossil, much like Kabuto, Carracosta, Aerodactyl, and so on. Genesect is known for having the ability to adjust its power levels and brings a new signature move called Techno Blast.

If you?re a player who wants to grind his way little by little to victory look no further. If on the other hand you?re someone who wants to run down enemies with a previously fossilized bug beast, the new Pokemon is right for you too. With added battle scenarios like Black Tower and White Treehollow, these sequels provide fans with a brand new way to experience the similar yet oddly non-repetitive game they have always loved. Make sure to grab your copy Pok?mon: Black Version 2 or Pok?mon: White Version 2 at your local game store today and head over to the MMOattack forums to join all the fun pokemon related discussions!

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