Political Kombat ’12 – FIGHT!

The world of politics can be boring at times, and choosing the right victor in these presidential race matchups can be an impossible task. If only there was a way for things to be settled as simple as they are in Mortal Kombat. There a decision is as easy as choosing between the ninja who uses ice and a ninja who uses fire.  Well now the unique minds of the online video magazine ?Slate V? have brought the idea to fruition with their video series – Political Kombat ?12.

Anyone who played the old Mortal Kombat games will find this creation amusing, and those who know about the candidate?s track records are sure to be even more pleased. The video accidentally served the purpose of an old video game trailer, in that it makes the viewer want to pick up a character and try their luck in battle. Sadly, there will be no playable format of this famous 90?s recreation, but it definitely creates an entertainingly fun look at recent presidential candidates and their policies.

There is an amazingly significant connection between the two distinctly distant worlds of video games and politics. Something about Herman Cain saying ?9 9 9? over and over rings an oddly nostalgic bell of classic move spamming techniques these games often required. The repeated actions of a limited move list on an opponent rings true to the repetitive emphasis candidates put on their specific list of policies. Sometimes their policies (attacks) reach through to people (damage their opponent) while other times they are mere ineffective words (blocked).

The ideas end up working together better than I think anyone could have imagined. Be sure to check out the videos at SlateV.com or on youtube. You don?t want to miss Rick Santorum spamming ?clean coal? so many times that Mitt Romney is forced to ?FINISH HIM!?

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