Program Your Own Experience In New Sandbox Game Terrayn

A new sandbox MMORPG game has appeared on Kickstarter today although a desert is probably a more suited term as there is no box restricting the ideas laid out by developers CodeMushroom. Terrayn is arguably one of the most ambitious titles to ever appear on the popular crowd-funding website with many of the ideas never before seen in the MMO space.

Aside from traditional sandbox features such as in-depth crafting and detailed character progression Terrayn boasts two features that really stand out in the crowd. First is the API, an Application Programming Interface. This powerful system will allow players to program and develop the game from within the world itself. Adding interactive elements to practically anything including moving terrain, shifting buildings, trap doors and just about anything else you can think of. This feature can even be used to program NPC’s to act on your behalf when you’re offline, defending your kingdom or harvesting materials for your next big project.

Secondly is the infrastructure supporting the game. Terrayn will be one single server, one realm. Supported by cloud technology players will be able to share their experience with thousands upon thousands of other gamers, completely removing the limitations set by traditional server-based MMO gaming.

It’s hard to do the scope of Terrayn any justice in a short news post. If you really want to support the next leap in the sandbox genre head on over to the official Kickstarter page and pledge your support.

Source: Kickstarter

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