Project Copernicus: Going Once, Going Twice…Nevermind

The bustling excitement of the auction room appears to have totally skipped Project Copernicus as Richard J. Land, the state of Rhode Island’s attorney, announced a rather lackluster auction for the Kingdom of Amalur IP and unfinished MMO, Project Copernicus.

At the end of September Rhode Island announced that the leftover assets from now bankrupt 38 Studios and Big Huge Games would be sold at auction with the hopes of returning at least some of the $90 million investment. Rise of Nations, Rise of Legends and associated intellectual properties both sold along with the trademark for Big Huge Games, but combined these assets recovered only a tiny portion of the money invested, $320,000 to be exact. That’s like grabbing something from the McDonalds Dollar Menu for $500.

Combined with last years selling of the liquidated office equipment from 38 Studios, the state of Rhode Island is still sitting at around $89 million worth of debt. The attorney did state that they will continue discussions with interested parties to sell the rights to Kingdoms of Amalur and Project Copernicus, but it’s looking like dark times at the moment.

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