Project Tank – Rolls Into Full Release

Gamebox, the publisher of a few titles here in the U.S., is just releasing their brand new browser-based massively multiplayer online action game, Project Tank.  The game reconstructs the real conflicts in armor warfare from the 20th century and brings it right to your browser.

Now, you may be thinking, oh this looks like a World of Tanks rip-off.  And well, that may be, but .. bear with me.  You can play it on your browser!  So what does that mean?  Well, it’s probably a toned down version of World of Tanks that will let players with less powerful computers play an awesome tank combat game.  There’s definitely a place for Project Tank, and I think they will find a niche of players that will make the game fairly enjoyable to play.

For those interested in pursuing Project Tank, check out their main website and Facebook pages.

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