PvP Details On The Horizon For Elder Scrolls Fans

Zenimax Online Studios recently updated the official Facebook Timeline Photo with an image suggesting players can expect to hear more information on PvP and Alliance battles in coming weeks. The developers tease information on a regular basis through community Q&A sessions, developer blog posts and concept art, but the mysterious fog surrounding PvP activities within The Elder Scrolls Online is still very thick.

We do know that all 3 alliances will be locked in an eternal struggle to control the heart of Cyrodiil with both small skirmishes and large-scale PvP siege battles on offer, but more precise details have yet to emerge.

With very strict control over the NDA the few PvP details that have reached the internet have disappeared quicker than a bottle of Skooma in a Khajiit house party. The revealing of more details could also coincide with a large-scale invite to the closed beta, but that’s more my personal speculation than anything else.

Watch this space!


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