Rare Creatures & Traps In The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot

Ubisoft today released a major new update for The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot that opens an exciting new selection of rare creatures and traps alongside new defensive crafting options. Today is the first opportunity players have had to sample the new crafting features introduced to the world of Opulencia, bringing more variety and depth to the thousand of castles that players construct and defend.

The new defensive crafting mechanic allows players to loot materials from other player’s castles or tombstones to create stronger creatures and traps than previously available. This exciting mechanics acts as the perfect reward for those that enjoy the game for long periods of time, as opposed to players that just log in to claim the resources generated from their castle.

The Goatman, Mr Boomboom, the Explodifier and Stabbington are among the new creatures that have been introduced alongside a region complete with a new deadly boss battle. The developers also revealed  a new weekly event, the “Most Wanted Creatures & Traps” that will add special rare creatures that can be crafted and placed in your castle for a limited period.

Source: Press Release

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