Re-launch of Lost Saga Prepares to Punch You In The Mouth

WeMade Entertainment USA is proud to announce the re-launch of their popular PC fighting MMO, Lost Saga.  The action-packed online fighting game is scheduled for re-launch starting on May 2nd, 2013, and includes brand new Premium characters as well as regular content updates.  The company is keeping quite on exactly what the first premium character will be, instead leaving the reveal for the day the game goes live on  

Fans of fighting style, beat-em-up gameplay will surely enjoy what Lost Saga has to offer.  The game will bring together many heroes from fantasy, history, and sci-fi, all competing in epic fights for glory.  There are over 50 unique heroes at this point and each of them has different opportunities to level up and to customize their skills.  There are a few game modes, including a tag-team styled fight, and teams of up to 16 battling it out in the arena.

If you are interested in playing Lost Saga head on over to the Lost Saga homepage and click the button to participate in the open beta.

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