1 thought on “REFLEX Gameplay | First Impressions HD”

  1. Cool little preview! I’m definitely looking forward to some arena shooters in 2015, though I’m generally sort of ignoring this one until it looks more finished. The “collision” versions of levels just seem… meh. I want to see actual art there.

    Right now, I’m playing Xonotic for my Arena shooter fix (totally free, fan-supported, runs on the Dark Places engine which is modified/updated Q3 Arena code), and it’s plenty for the time being. This needs to look substantially better to draw me in; something even Toxikk won’t have a problem with let alone Unreal Tournament 2K15 and Blue Streak (no doubt) will accomplish.

    I’m also a little worried by the “hardcore” focus. Hardcore players, if they’re way too blindly “hardcore”, ruin everything. They’re the ones who buy the 5th or 6th revision of each Street Fighter game, yeah? The ones that only do 1/30th the sales because no one normal cares what miniscule tweaks are made to the core experience? The same can be said for shooters. And if they’re focused on the minutae, then they’re not looking at the bigger picture, and therefore, they won’t make anything to attract a healthy community. It’s just going to be “pros” bunny-hopping around the same maps sniping each other and rage-quitting because they take it too seriously.

    Still, that’s why I’m waiting on a more finished product. But I do like to keep my eye on games like this, so previews like this are awesome! And it’s great to hear that it’s so solid even at this early state. Thanks MMOATK 😀

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