Resident Evil 6 Getting Some Early Reviews

Resident Evil 6 is set to release in the next two weeks so early reviews are beginning to pour onto the internet. One of the more reputable reviews comes from Famitsu, the famous Japanese gaming magazine.

In last night?s most recent issue, Famitsu released their review score for the latest game in the long running Resident Evil series. The praising review gave Resident Evil 6 a remarkable 39 out of 40, just one point shy of the rare Famitsu perfection status. This also literally one-ups the previous game Resident Evil 5, which only scored a 38.

Fans should check out the English version of the game?s trailer, which was also released just yesterday. The same trailer was shown at last week?s Tokyo Game Show in original form before being translated for further advertising purposes. The video starts a bit average but wraps up with attention grabbing cinematic that leaves you wanting more; a truly successful advertisement for drawing in future fans.

There seems to be more action in the series? newest installment which should attract previously uninspired gamers. Any fan of zombie related mayhem should find entertainment with Resident Evil 6. As someone who once overlooked the series, it?s clear how ridiculous it is to not give this game a chance. Seriously, just watch the trailer. You get a perfect mix of cinematic storyline and actual gameplay footage, so there is absolutely no being mislead with this one.

Capcom will be releasing their game on October 2nd for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Anyone interested in pre-ordering the game before then will obtain an exclusive mercenaries stage called, The Catacombs. Those who pre-order will also be entitled to a special admission at Six Flags Resident Evil Night on October 6th. There fans could be granted free ride tickets, game demos and even on site giveaways.

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