Return To Camelot After 13 Years Of MMO Success

While many obsess over the latest titles to launch on the MMO scene many avid gamers remember the glory days of yesteryear, and few more so than the daddy of the tri-realm PvP, Dark Age of Camelot. Today developers Mythic Entertainment announced an exciting event to celebrate the games impending 13th anniversary with an unmissable series of events including 13 free days for any past players with accounts in an inactive state on or before November 24th, 2014.

The realms of Midgard, Hibernia and Albion will once again come to life with the clashing of blades as new warriors and combat veterans alike are drawn to the allure of combat on the grandest of scales with a month-long, 13th Anniversary RvR Tournament that pits player against players for the chance to be immortalized with a personal statue created and erected in-game.

Returning Dark Age of Camelot players will also have the opportunity to sample the brand new Keep Lighting upgrade alongside the chance to take the battle to the enemy on a variety of New Frontiers. Finally, an exclusive 13th Anniversary Veterans Rewards will be given to all players that join the event, a reward that will not be available once the event has ended.

Source: Official Website, MMORPG

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