Revamped Starting Zones For Remnant Knight

GameSamba have announced that their cloud based, free MMORPG game Remnant Knights is now available on the popular gaming portal, Miniclip. Accompanying its debut on Miniclip players can expect an exciting variety of upgrades for the game, all of which have a heavy emphasis on the new player experience. The school year is coming to an end and there’s never been a better time for players to sink their efforts into a new MMO experience.

The update is now live and available across all servers. It includes completely revamped areas for both of the schools, Owl and Dragon, and each building has been re-imagined in larger areas.

“For the last several updates we’ve been focusing on adding or revamping higher level zones,” said Mike Suh, Remnant Knights’ Lead Producer. “Now it’s time for a new look and feel for the starting players, too.”

“With the Remnant Knights re-launch and re-branding over the past several months, we’ve been looking at reaching younger players,” said Scott Wong, President of GameSamba. “Miniclip is a great partner to serve that audience.”

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