Revelation Online Introduces Blademaster Class

NetEase and are offering fans the opportunity to dive deeper into the class system in the upcoming release of Revelation Online as today the developer/publisher combo released a brand new trailer highlighting one of the games most exciting classes. Previously the team released a video showcasing each of the classes in action for the first time but today’s release is offering a deeper insight into one specific class, The Blademaster.

Following a strict warrior code The Blademaster enjoys the skills and abilities of masters from throughout the ages, learning the arts of defense and close-quarters combat. Their intricate knowledge of melee combat alongside the ability to take dual wielded swords into battle make them a deadly foe for any would be assailant.

[quote cite=”Zhang Peng, Revelation Online’s Project Manager, NetEase”]”With the creation of each class, we naturally wanted them to fit into the history of Revelation Online. The Blademasters are an important part of the saga. This character has no equal in melee, is able to endure an onslaught while not failing to catch the enemy off guard when the opportunity presents itself. All this makes the Blademaster one of the most dangerous classes in Revelation. In the trailer, we not only show these violent warriors in action, but also reveal more of its origin.” [/quote]

Today’s update also saw the official launch of the website. Check it out here.

Revelation Online - Blademaster CGI Trailer

Source: Press Release

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