Richard "Lord British" Garriott’s Doc. Released in 2012

Richard Garriott, aka ?Lord British,? is a gaming pioneer and star of a new documentary. Among his creations are Ultima, a series of RPG PC games and the MMO games Ultima Online and the disastrous Tabula Rasa. Garriott was the first son of an astronaut to go into space, as well as the first game designer.

Garriott?s documentary, Man on a Mission, chronicles his journey in space and his life as a game designer. You?ll see stories of ?Lord British? using a robot to telecommute in the office and hear what it takes to make the games worthy of the title ?best MMORPG.? Whether you?re a big fan or are moderately interested in games, you can check out the documentary when it premieres on January 13, 2012.

It makes sense that one of the most imaginative developers in the world would want to see what lies beyond the Earth?s boundaries ? he has, after all, been behind some fantastical worlds himself. The documentary is sure to stir the hearts of gamers and space nerds alike, as Garriott pushes himself through the trials and tribulations of a person preparing themselves for a journey into the unknown.

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