Riding High

Riding High is a realistic horse MMO game from Dreamringer Studios. The game has many islands, where you can dive, camp basicly do ANYTHING you like! Its a free roam realsitic horse game, developing 3D horse models with realistic movements and actions. You will be able to customize your own home, character and horse. You can basicly just do anything, travel from island to island and not to forget its online! So you will able to play with your friends. The game is developing, a browser game and a 3D beta is coming put soon. But they can only release the game with our help!

1 thought on “Riding High”

  1. It’s not even released yet! All it is is someone’s idea. Why is there an official post for this “game”. There is no solid evidence that “Dream ringer studios” is even working on it (or real) other than some photos they post of the same horse model.

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