Rising Cities

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Rising Cities is a brand new free to play browser simulation game from Bigpoint. The game is all about taking your city of humble beginnings to building a thriving metropolis. In Rising Cities you will use your knowledge of city-planning, finances, strategy, urban development and power to build the most profitable city in the land!

This browser-based city-building simulator is one of the best in the genre and will have you forgetting about SimCity in no-time. There are so many different things to cover when building your city. You will need to construct residential areas, commercial and industrial zones, entertain your citizens, upgrade your city hall, keep your infrastructures and public expenditures under control and more.

The name of the game is resources. You will need to expand your farmlands, collect rocks, knock down trees and gather enough ore to keep your city running strong. Rising Cities is an exciting new game that is sure to offer you hundreds of hours of fun and for the low low price of free, it’s hard to argue!

Winner of an MMO of the Year Award in 2013.

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