Experience a unique time of discovery, conquest and war. There is only one rule here: The rule of survival of the fittest, where only the strong survive and the weak will perish.  Fight for a position of power in the kingdom and gain tactical superiority by accomplishing great fame throughout the land. Send your army to battle against thousands of other players and empower your colony!

Romadoria is a strategy based browser MMORPG relating to one of the most exciting times in history, the Roman Empire.  It is an empire building game that has you begin with a single colony that you must build up to becoming an empire of your own.  Construct new buildings, research new technologies and build up your army to take on the thousands of other players in the Romadoria universe.

There are a lot of things that go into building your legion.  You need buildings that can create food for them, you’ll need to build barracks that can create lead sling bullets and you’ll need forts that act as a headquarters.  You will research different technologies depending on what types of troops you will use.  The battles are exciting  and much better than many online strategy games on the market.  You will actually see individual units maneuvering around the tactical map, much like a chessboard.

Romadoria captures the flavor of the Roman Empire building and fighting games of old, but adds in the exciting elements of being part of a robust community filled with sinister plots, loyal allies and just about every type of person in-between. Come, see and conquer Romadoria. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

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