Rosh Online gets First Content Update

Rosh Online is a free-to-play MMO that centers on the religious and cultural wars of four similar, but very different, factions of magic users. The game features instanced dungeons as well as special ?Extreme Instance Dungeons,? in which you must compete with other players in order to earn dungeon loot.

Ignited Games, the company behind Rosh Online, has just pushed the game?s first major content update live. Titled ?The Lunar Revolution,? this huge update brings a ton of changes to the role-playing game, free of charge.

Here?s a quick rundown on the changes, straight from the official site:

  • Level cap increase from level 55 to level 65
  • Chinese costume release
  • New Sentryheil 1st Basement to Sentryheil 2nd Basement
  • New Sentryheil McTroy’s Catacomb 1st Floor to 4th Floor
  • New Lupert Chapel Catacomb level 60
  • Introduce 9th War items for all classes
  • Additional magical defense on Great Armors
  • Magical defense increase on some of accessories and Rune items
  • Some HP / MP potions recovery rate increase
  • Physical damage increase on some skills

The Lunar Revolution is live right now. For more information on Rosh Online, check out the game?s official site.

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