Rosh Online: The Immense Content Update!

Ignited Games is pleased to?announce the release of a patch for their hit free-to-play MMORPG,?Rosh Online: The Return of Karos. The patch includes several feature?updates which will enhance the user experience and improve gameplay.?Ignited Games is committed to maintaining and improving the world of?Rosh Online, as well as listening to feedback from players and?incorporating their ideas and suggestions into each update.

With the latest patch, Rosh Online will now offer:
? ? ? ? New Level Cap (75)
? ? ? ? New Map and Instance Dungeons
? ? ? ? New Armor and Weapon Set including PK Sets & Accessories
? ? ? ? Auto-Walk System to NPCs & Quest Monsters
? ? ? ? Dismantle System for Unique Crafting Items
? ? ? ? Monster Transformation System
? ? ? ? Function to View Players? Equipped Items
? ? ? ? New Quest System that Recognizes Mission Monsters
? ? ? ? Boss Monsters Improvement

In addition to the updates outlined above, the patch will relocate?certain game User Interface (UI) to make it easier and convenient for?players to view. There is the sorting function where players can keep?their items in the inventory organized and the craft tooltip that?provides knowledge of what each item can be crafted.

?We are excited and proud to update new game content in a timely?manner after the recent migration of Karos Online players on global?servers to our Rosh Online: The Return of KAROS. As always, we promise?to provide an exciting and rewarding level of gameplay, as well as?high-quality customer service to resolve any possible issues.? ??Peter Kang, CEO of Ignited Games

In Rosh Online: The Return of Karos, players fight their way through?quests, guild clashes, large-scale PvP action and castle sieges to?bring peace to the fantasy world of Asmara. In addition to the?traditional experience-point-based leveling system, Rosh Online?features the Fletta system that can be used to increase stats, give?buffs, buy resources and enchant items. Furthermore, open world PvP?adds a morality system to the game, providing an even deeper level of?customization for online gamers.?Interested players can download the game for free at the official web?page. They also can join the Rosh Online community for more?information and sneak peeks into the game on the official Facebook?page.

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