Russian Localization Confirmed For Black Desert

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A Black Desert fan site today posted a new interview with developers Pearl Abyss shedding some light on the progress with the Russian localization for the highly anticipated sandbox MMORPG game.

In the interview Pearl Abyss confirmed that a Russian publisher has already been chosen but they did not announce the company at the helm. Information within the article suggests that they expect the publisher to announce their involvement at a later date. More surprising is the announcement that the localized version will release first in Russia before both the EU and US versions are available.

There is also the possibility of a different monetization system in Russia although exact details have yet to be announced.

Q: Did you already decide on a monetization system for Russia? Will it be different from the Korean version?
A: Regarding the monetization system we studied several aspects
together. We still have to discuss the details with our Russian
publisher so everything will depend on the outcome of these discussions.
Perhaps the monetization system will be different.

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