S4 League

S4 League has been released in Korea since 2007 but has recently been brought to North American and Europe by the publisher Alaplaya.  S4 League of a third person shooter game that can be tweaked by a few settings to make it work like a first person shooter with some great FPS action.  

There are a variety of game modes, which you’ve come to expect in most MMOFPS games, like Death Match and Capture the Flag, which they call Touch Down.  In each game there is up to 12 players that battle it out for victory.  The coolest part of S4 League if that players have the opportunity to use the environment to their advantage.  What does that mean?  Well, you are able to perform various acrobatic acts across the map, such as running along and up walls and jumping around from various areas through the air.

The game has a great tutorial system when purchasing new weapons.  Basically there is a small licensing test that you have to pass before you can get the weapon.  The tests are just short tutorials that teach you the basics of the weapon.  These tutorials allow you to use the weapon for free for a few hours, and then you have the option to purchase it if it’s a weapon you enjoyed.

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