Salem now open for beta sign-ups

Seatribe and Paradox Interactive have opened the signups for their new sandbox style MMO Salem. This new style MMO is set in the new world, where building a colony is as important as strengthening your character. The possibility of permanent death or playing through the generations has a lot of people excited to try the beta.

Salem will be a free-to-play MMO for all types of gamers. There are aspects for those who like the community aspect of an MMO, and there is also PvP for those who prefer the competition. The highlights of this game are the possibility of permanent death, the growth of a colony, and an open ended PvP system. Salem is new to the MMO world with its realistic feel. The game is based on 17th century settlers heading to the new world to make a new life for themselves. These ?new lives? will not come easily, and players will need to battle all sorts of evils to conquer the new world.

Sign up for the beta here: and make a new life for yourself!

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