Season 3 Race Event Revealed For Path Of Exile

Grinding Gear Games have just revealed the new Descent League event for the highly anticipated Race Season Three for their action MMORPG game, Path of Exile. The Race events are short-term competitive leagues that challenge players with a variety of goals using a brand new character separate to that of the actual game.

Season Three begins this Saturday and brings with it over 50 Descent events taking place over the next 6 weeks. The new Race events follow a new scenario separate from that of the plot of the full game. Players will be thrown into the Phrecian Forest, tasked with exploring an abandoned cathedral. Players will be challenged every step of the way as they descend into darkness and uncover vast dungeons and ferocious enemies.

Awaiting players is a set of special chests that contain unique sets of predetermined items to help players further specialize their event character build. However, you must make a choice as only one chest can be opened per floor.

“Allowing players to replay the same event every few days is really interesting from a game design point of view,” said Chris Wilson, Path of Exile’s lead designer. “We expect that as players work out the best ways to build characters to handle the challenge we’ve constructed, they’ll get deeper and deeper into the cathedral.”

Exciting times for Path of Exile players!

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