Shards Online Servers Open For Backers Later Today

Any of the 1,918 “Attuned Mortals”, or backers to the games fundraising efforts, will soon be able to dive into the online world of Shards Online as servers open later today to reveal the latest test build from 6PM EST / 3PM Pacific. Servers are expected to remain open for the remainder of the day and late into tomorrow, Friday July 10th. Although an exact time on the servers closing has yet to be announced.

[quote cite=”Shards Online Developers”]Our first event will be held when the servers open at 6pm EDT Thursday and we are holding a second EU friendly event on Friday at 12pm EDT. During these events, members of the CS team will be on god characters to make sure you have everything you need to test the ruins area.[/quote]

The event is only available to those that have pledged to support Shards Online. If you want to join the nearly 2,000 strong list of people that have helped donate over $125,000, head on over to the pledge page and buy your right to play the game in the build up to release.

The latest test build that will be available in the release later today, will only be available to those that have pledged financial support to Shards Online. The fundraising efforts are still ongoing and have already seen almost 2,000 backers pledge $125,894.00 of support. Making a pledge on the official website will provide access to similar events in the future, you can do that here.

Source: MMORPG

Shards Online Servers Open For Backers Later Today