Shroud Of The Avatar Release 21 Now Available

Shroud of the Avatar backers have a lot to get excited about today as developers Portalarium announced the availability of the next highly anticipated update, Release 21, which includes a variety of new content that is now available to all previous backers. The release of Shroud of the Avatar Release 21 introduces players to the biggest selection of content seen since the games initial release in backer format.

Release 21 includes brand new creatures for players to fight, more crafting skills to aid with economic growth, and a new use-based system that compliments many aspects in the game already.


  • An exciting new Used-based Skill System for players to experiment with.
  • The team have introduced 3 new player owned towns to the game including Arx Draconis, owned by Syndicate
  • Snowy Mountain Template and NPC Homes Added to Dynamic Lot Placement Tool for Player Owned Towns
  • New Creatures, including Boss Phoenix and Under Dwellers
  • Scene Polishing and new underground scene, The Epitaph
  • Crafting Skills Coming Online


Source: Patch Notes

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