Silkroad Online – Announced New Update, Ignite Silkroad Part 1: Elevation

Joymax, a leading online game developer and publisher, has announced that today they are having a new update for their MMORPGSilkroad Online. The update “is designed for players of all skill levels”. Everyone will be able to partake in the new and improved gameplay experience that is being brought in with the latest update. 

?From system improvements to new features, Silkroad Online?s new update will help every type of player in the game,? said Nam-Chul Kim, CEO of Joymax.  ?The series of the ?Ignite Silkroad? enhancements will make it easy for everyone to jump right in the vast world of Silkroad for the ultimate in fast-paced action.?

One of the features of this latest update will be the experience balance. Players of the game will be able to level up faster than they ever have been able to ever in the game. Players won’t have to be bored with grinding and will be able to experience all of the content of the game.

Another feature of the update will be the “Rested Experience” system that Joymax has implemented into the game. Players will be able to earn 50-100% EXP gain buff depending on how long the player has been logged in for. So for the players who don’t play as often as they’d like will have a special buff waiting for them when they login next.

One last noteworthy feature of the latest update is the special event, “Start at Lv. 101”. This event is for the players who have already maxed out their character. This event will allow players who have gone through the game, and who want to explore it more with the new features, to create a new character and they will be able to start at level 101. The event will be going on for the next three weeks.

Also, since Joymax’s “Joymax Day” was such a hit last week, they are presenting all players with a 1000% EXP gain item as a thank you. 

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