Silkroad Online – Death Bone

Joymax have just revealed details regarding the secrets surrounding the origin of the latest horrifying monster to join the oriental MMORPG, Death Bone. Joymax have been on a mission to revive Silkroad Online for the last few months with Ignite Silkroad; a series of large-scale updates promising players the popular MMO in all its former glory. The game struggled for years after launch with a plague of botting software and server queues that would annoy even the British.

One part of the Ignite Silkroad journey saw a number of new boss fights added to the game; some of which were branded impossible by the player base. This prompted Joymax to make a number of hot-fixes to address the issues and make the bosses more plausible; but that could be all set to change again with the introduction of the menacing skeletal figure of Death Bone.

Joymax have updated the dungeon known as Roc Mountain to cater to this new giant menace, resulting in an increase to the level cap required to enter. Previously players level 80-106 were eligible to enter but now anyone ranging from levels 80-120 can participate. The developers have promised yet another challenging boss fight but learning from previous mistakes, they’re offering enormous rewards just for participating.

There’s an exciting array of events surrounding the new boss battle including screenshot competitions and a limited time reward that offers players the opportunity to earn a Monster Summon Scroll simply for challenging the fearsome beast.

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