Silkroad Online – Magic POP System Gets A New Look

Joymax, a leading online game developer and publisher known for Knight Age, is putting a new POP in players? step in their MMORPG, Silkroad Online.

The update brings ?new life? to alternative prizes to be won. There is an entirely new list of items that are being added for players to be able to win. Some of these are flower-shaped items which cast one of five major party buffs: Increased aggro, HP/MP heal, increased hit points, decreased enemy damage, and decreased enemy attack speed.

There are also new scrolls, which can temporarily change a player?s appearance during Berserk mode, that have been added to the draw system. You could end up being a penguin or panda, is that not cool or what? The items don?t give any particular buff, but it?s cause for a good laugh and some great screenshots.

?Entering the POP lottery should be fun; it was disappointing to us when players worked hard for a POP ticket then didn?t win, so we?ve adjusted the system so that more players get some prize ? and we wanted some funny items that players could celebrate,? said the executive director of Silkroad Online. ?The new Berserk scrolls are just in time for Halloween too, so players can truly be in the season!?

From now until November 20th, all Magic POP Cards are buy one, get one free. This extra card will come in handy when gunning for the best prizes in the POP lottery ? including of course, the newly updated items.

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