SONY and CCP Working On Virtual Item Policy Over PSN

EVE Online, the popular Windows and Mac Sci-Fi MMO by CCP will be getting a counterpart game for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in the MMOFPS game DUST 514.  These two games compliment each other by taking place in the same universe and showing two sides of the same battle, one in the black of space, the other on the battlefield.  DUST 514 will be making some changes to the way SONY does things on PlayStation network by way of micro transactions, establishing pricing tiers for virtual items that split the revenue between SONY and CCP, opening the doors to other developers who may want in.  DUST 514 will bring the EVE Online universe out of the realm of the PC gaming sphere and into both the living room and the portable through the PlayStation 3 and Vita consoles.  DUST 514 is expected to release in spring of 2012.

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