Soul Captor – Defunct

Soul Captor is a free online fantasy game that utilizes eastern ghosts and monsters against a backdrop of fantastic scenes and characters. You begin play as the powerful Oracle, who is the guardian of this world, and will embark on unimaginable adventures accompanied by an adorable and exclusive Spirit. You must seek to find what drives the war between humans and monsters.

Soul Captor features six classes to choose from: Gu Practitioner, Fighting Spirit, Warrior, Monk, Yin-Yang Master, and Celestial Master. Each class offers different abilities and means to challenge opponents. Each class also has access to a spirit, or sidekick, which helps the player by using various skills and abilities. The game is based off of Eastern ghosts, monsters, and mythology, so expect to see a lot of that influence throughout the game.

Chaotic battles between players, amusing little monsters, fearful demons and adventurous stories full of all sorts of strange episodes set in the eastern world are about to start. Now, let the journey begin!

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