South Korea Gaming Restrictions get Tougher

South Korea, as a rule, is obsessed with gaming. The country hosts massive professional gaming tournaments, and smoke-filled computer cafes are packed late into the night with people playing RTS, MMO and FPS games. Korean Gaming is such a big deal there that the government recently initiate a policy limiting minors to gaming between certain hours, in order to prevent students from staying up all night playing games.

South Korea?s Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is apparently considering an even harsher rule about minors and gaming; one that will prevent players from spending more than three hours each day in game. MEST is of the opinion that the time of day doesn?t really matter so much as the duration of play, and is looking for more creative ways to control how much time players spend in-game.

If enacted, the regulation would make it so that players under 18 could only game for two consecutive hours each day, with a total allowance of three hours. Naturally, there is major resistance from the development community, with one official noting his frustration at the layered regulations already in place.

We?ll just have to stay tuned and see how this one develops. For now, could you imagine a world in which you could only play your favorite MMORPG for a couple of hours at a time?

Source: Gamasutra

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