Spirit Tales – New Levels & Instances Now Available

This week, the Spirit Tales? Summer Update continues with an increased level cap. As of Wednesday, July 18th, players will experience a level cap increase from Lv. 50 to Lv. 55, paving the way for new instances, stronger monsters, and better gear.

This update is the latest in a series of updates, designed to further game play options for players. When asked about the latest update, lead GM, Amanda Striker said ?The new level cap will allow players to gain more Skill Points, and develop their new class? skills. As you may know, we launched a new Class Change feature last week, which enables players to change into one of 12 secondary classes, unlocking new and refined skills.?

As mentioned by Amanda, last week?s Class Change update, allowed players to change their current class, into a secondary class. These new classes have one of five specializations: Attack, Defense, Healing, Magic Damage, or Physical Damage.

These latest updates have furthered Spirit Tales position as one of the most customizable games on the internet. With 40 million costume combinations, hundreds of pets, and 18 different class options, players can create a character which looks how they want it to, and plays almost any way they like.

You can find more information about game updates from the Spirit Tales forum (http://forum.koramgame.com/forum.php?gid=227). More information about Spirit Tales, including client download and sign up, can be found at ST.KoramGame.com.

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