Spirit Tales

Spirit Tales is a free to play fantasy MMO produced by Koram Games. It is the all English version of the game Glory Destiny Online. Right after loading up the game it has a soft casual feel to it. The soundtrack is light hearted and fun, and the sound effects are equally joyful.

The character creations are reminiscent of the game ?Animal Crossing?  for the DS, the characters are very well made and Koram boasts of over 40 million different character setups. From head to toe the style and colour of your characters look is up too you. Spirit tales features 6 classes from 3 tribes, ranging from a long range DPS archer to a strong Warrior tank. There is also characters such as the fighter, a close range melee DPS. Also a shaman class more desirable for support characters. There is also an assassin class as a rouge type of character and a Sorcerer being more of a damage dealing magic character. All these classes work together to form a well rounded game.

After creating a character you jump right into the action. There is a small cut scene showing you the story behind the game, based on the classic good versus evil, where you must conquer those who have become corrupted. The quest lines following are wonderful and helpful. The simple right click to travel to your destination and the slay away. The quest lines are fun to read and helpful, they push you along in the direction you need to go. They always have helpful tips and tricks after levelling and finishing quests.  The levelling goes rather quickly and is fun to go through, each level you will attain one skill point which you can allocate to the skill you choose. Bearing in mind you have the level enough to do it. There is no stats as in other MMO?s like attack strength or vitality, instead you level your passive skills to build your character how you would like.

A unique aspect to Spirit Tales is the pets in game. One can be merged to yourself giving you small blessing that will help in combat. You can also call a pet out into battle to fight with you. Each pet having a special set of skills as well as special attacks. Any monster in the game can be captured and taken as a pet once it is below 50% health. This allows you to take a certain pet if you are looking to add a certain attribute to your character.

There is a small item mall where you can purchase items that can help you in game. Things like health potions, extra clothes and other small things along the way. The fashion is fun and new, although there is a lack of mature type clothing. All of it is bunny and rabbit, with pink and purple, and sky blue.

The crafting is an interesting and allows you to build your own weapons. Materials can be gained through killing monsters and new weapons can be crafted as you level up. You can also craft ornaments if you can find the mold. These weapons can be refined to add damage, or add sockets to add certain bonuses to your weapons.

Lastly, Spirit Tales features an interesting achievement system which allows players to set goals and or achieving them. These titles also give small bonuses and allow you to increase attack, health or defense.

All in all, Spirit Tales is a great free to play fantasy game. It is a laid back game for easy going gamers.  So if your looking for a new mmo to try definitely give spirit tales a try, you won?t be disappointed!

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