Star Trek’s Worf To Join Voice Cast For Firefly Online

Spark Plug Games today announced another addition to the star-studded cast of Firefly Online as Star Trek’s Worf (Michael Dorn) joins the list of impressive voice over celebrities. The angry Klingon, the guys with the funny foreheads, will be joining the cast of the original Firefly series in the upcoming MMO adaptation of Joss Whedon’s science-fiction space-cowboy franchise.

Michael Dorn will be joining the Firefly Online universe as a member of the Alliance who has never appeared in any previous Firefly related media. The announcement was accompanied by details surrounding the games financial mode with some good and bad news for fans.

“You pay once and you get the game
plus the story. There may be other stories down the road you’ll be able
to buy as downloadable modules, but otherwise it’s pay once, play

platform provider wants their piece of the action, so for example,
there’s no way for us to sell you a copy on Steam, but then give you a
copy for free on your Android. As a result, we’re going to try to keep
the premiums as low as possible.”

Although players hoping to enjoy the Firefly Online experience on multiple platforms will have to make multiple purchases, they will at least be able to share the same progress across each device.

Source: GameNGuide

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