Space Combat Heading To Star Wars: The Old Republic?

During the PAX Community Cantina event over the weekend Bioware released an exciting new video detailing a possible update for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Details are scarce but the MMO community have been aware of an impending update for some time, although nobody knew exactly what was coming.

The video showcases what could potentially be a space combat PvP update. Star Wars Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed, the original Star Wars MMO, introduced space themed combat to the now-closed MMORPG game back in October of 2004. It also introduced new pilot related classes, additional races and customizable star ships.

Whether or not Star Wars: The Old Republic will offer a similar approach is yet to be seen. But with huge leaps in gaming technology over the last decade, we could see some truly exhilarating, simulation style space combat.

The Super Secret Space Project is revealed... or at least teased!

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