Star Wars: The Old Republic Welcomes Huge List Of Crafting Improvements

Bioware today updated the official website for Star Wars: The Old Republic with a post detailing a massive list of changes that arrived today, making a vast number of improvements and fixes to the games crafting system.

Eric Musco of Bioware took to the official website to inform the community of the huge list of changes that arrived today with the release of the 4.1 content update. The end goal is to make crafted equipment much more effective when compared to its previously weak stats when put up against gear earned in Missions and Operations. A new Tier has also bee introduced that will see the highest level of crafted items in the game.


  • Crafting skill – The experience you have built up with a particular Crew Skill
  • Grade – This refers to one of the 9 “levels” of Crew Skills; this includes Materials, Schematics, and Missions
  • Rating – The ‘quality’ of an individual item


Source: Official Website

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