Stardrift Empires

Stardrift Empires is a free to play, browser-based, Sci-Fi MMORPG game published and developed by  SyFy Games. Stardrift Empires combines elements from both the RTS and RPG genres, with a mix of resource and construction management blended in with experience gain and character progression. As the game is a browser-based MMORPG there?s no time consuming download or hefty client to worry about, you can create an account or log in with Facebook and get into the action within seconds.

The game entices you with a unique art style and images within the game.  It takes more of a text and image based approach as your character, military units and buildings are represented by high-quality, fascinating images and pictures.  As you would expect in an MMORTS game, the focus of Stardrift Empires is to accumulate resources so that you can construct various buildings and to train a large variety of military troops and units.  There are four resources in the game: Ore, Crystal, Hydrogen and Energy.  Each resources requires a particular building in order to accumulate.  Your goal is to make choices based on what resources you need the most.  Upgrading your buildings and managing your resources is the key to success in this game.

One of the cool features of  Stardrift Empires is the mission system. Various missions are accessible by clicking on the missions tab and cycling through the missions and requirements to unlock future ones.  Each Mission also tells you what ship you?ll need in order to complete it, the time it will take and the reward you?ll receive if you complete it. The missions are entirely automated, meaning you select the mission and then it?s down to your ship and units to whether or not it?s successful.

There are a number of other exciting features in Stardrift Empires such as the ability to expand your empire and create new colonies. When you want to work on another planet you will start a new colony.  Colonies work in a similar way to your home planet, it is essentially a new area where you can construct various resource gathering buildings, train troops and access new missions. The more colonies you have access too, the more resources you can gather and the more presence you have in the galaxy.

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