Swords Of Divinity Nears Open Beta Release

R2Games, one of the leading publishers and developers in the browser gaming niche, today announced that following a successful Alpha testing phase their latest browser MMORPG, Swords of Divinity, will soon be entering Open Beta testing. All past players can now return to the world of Swords of Divinity without the fear of another progress reset as from the Open Beta onwards, there are no planned resets of characters or progression.

Swords of Divinity promises a fresh take on the traditional MMORPG experience with a number of features and mechanics sure to impress and entertain genre veterans while a number of newcomer friendly features also provide a fantastic environment for the budding MMO’er.

Swords of Divinity is available to play entirely for free. For more information click here cialis generique prix.

Source: Press Release

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