SWTOR Beta Keys, Who Wants One?

Tired of watching YouTube videos and reading reviews of SWTOR and want to finally play it. Well don?t worry because BioWare has sent out a boatload of keys for the next round of beta testing, 75,000 keys to be exact.

To get a key you must be registered for the testing program which can be done here. Once you?re done with that grab your beta here by clicking here. Now that you?ve got your key there is only one thing left to do and thats redeem it. Be sure to hurry because not only will these keys go quickly but they must be redeemed by Nov 18th 12:59 p.m. EST.

BioWare hasn?t announced when the next round of testing will happen but everyone with a key will get an invitation 7-10 days before hand. When the test starts groups of players will be invited every 24 hours until everyone with a key has been invited. The testing period will run 4 days so some players will get more playing time then others.

And an important note, if you?re already a regular beta tester don?t grab one of those keys and it may break your account.

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