Kingdoms at War

Kingdoms at War is a free to play strategy browser game by A Thinking Ape.  With thousands of players playing the game at any one time, it is the pure definition of an MMORPG.  The goal of Kingdoms at War is to expand your ingdom, build up your armies, and ally with neighboring kingdoms, all to become the most powerful kingdom in the realm!

The gameplay is pretty straightforward: Do quests, get gold, expand military might by building structures in your kingdom, rinse and repeat. When you first start the game, you have very little in the way of attack or defensive capabilities. To improve upon this you need gold, lots and lots of gold. There are quite a few ways for you to achieve that. Some of the different things you can do are: quests, fighting other players, competing in wars, or doing epic battles.

Once you have obtained your gold you can upgrade your kingdom by buying more land and placing various buildings on said land. The buildings come in different tiers based on how many stats they would give you, and to unlock the higher tier buildings you need to have more lands explored.  Different buildings can give you different bonues to your offensive and defensive stats.