Carte steps into the arena

Card games are serious business: Leading online game publisher ( announced a round of new features for their global online trading card game, Carte, based on user feedback. With numerous balances and checks added to the match system to give players the fairest duels yet, it’s the best time to shuffle your deck and join in the card community at, where downloading and playing Carte is always free!

Carte (Defunct)


Experience a game changing online trading card game packed with a first of its kind gameplay and thousands of cards to learn, play and master! Create endless strategies with an arsenal of spells and creatures to conquer and humiliate your opponents. Carte features an easy to learn system and user friendly interface for beginners and TCG enthusiasts alike. Dive into the captivating back story for collectors and enthusiasts and face off against anyone, at any time, at any place.

Carte is developed by Onnet, which is a Korea-based game developer of such titles as Shot Online and 9 Dragons. Carte is a fast paced global online trading card game where you choose a Hero, build a deck and battle with your allies. this online trading card game leads you into a fantastic and magical world abundant in different cards with a wide range of spells and creatures.

Stunning images and remarkable drawings make for the most authentic online trading card game-play to date. Choose from five different fractions which are competing for supremacy, and a wide selection of different playable styles. You can choose to be a part of the forces of nature or heaven, or to be enrolled to the loyal or the dark.

The game is more about strategic thinking than it is about blunt force trauma to your head. Your brain will speak louder than your actions in this game. You are presented with a limited range of variations in your hand at the beginning, however, with appropriate strategies and level ups your selection increases and a wider variety of tactics will ensue.

Sharpen your skills and you may end up playing in one of the international tournaments and become one of the top players in the world!