ChronoBlade Gameplay – First Impressions HD

ChronoBlade is a browser based hack and slash side-scroller that’s hosted on Facebook. The game mainly relies on button smashing and killing. The game comes from nWay Games and is their first foray into the genre. Many of the great people working on the game come from some pretty incredible backgrounds in games like Dead Space and Diablo II.
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KingsRoad Gameplay – First Impressions HD

KingsRoad delivers premium free-to-play gameplay and next-generation Flash graphics over browsers and Facebook. 
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Dragon City

[stat=Free to Play]Yes[/stat]
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[/review]Dragon City is a Facebook-based social game with the theme around dragon breeding, hatching and fighting. The game is developed by popular Facebook game developer Social Point.

The game is played like many of the games released by Social Point. In Dragon City you will start on a magical dragon island where you create dragons in your hatchery. While you grow your dragons you will earn gold by placing them in certain habitats. One of the more interesting and unique parts of the game is breeding your dragons. You can create all sorts of different combinations by breeding a fire dragon with a water dragon for instance. Then you can take your dragons and duke it out in PvP battles against your friends and rivals.

The gameplay is similar to what you would find in other Facebook games like Farmville. You can visit your friends Dragon cities and level up your dragons by completing chores and tasks. Thre is no energy bar, so you can play the game as much as you like without having to wait after doing a bunch of things around your city.

Fiction Fighters

[stat=Free to Play]Yes[/stat]
[stat=Download Size]NA[/stat]
[/review]Fiction Fighters was an interactive comic, where players jump into a parallel comic universe to solve world threatening quests, hang around with friends, (fiction-) fight against each other, explore or change numerous chapters of the world’s history or even create their own stories ? and comic strips.

Fiction Fighters, the latest browser game of CipSoft has started its beta testing phase.  The game is going to be launched very soon but eager players can now try it without further delay.

The game is an interactive comic strip in which players move through a parallel universe composed of comic pages. In various game modes, characters can solve exciting quests, fight each other, explore the background story, meet other players, or even develop their own stories and comic strips.